Your morning health roundup:

Weight loss success: The secret to weight loss? It’snot any fad diet, supplement or special food, an unsurprising new study finds. Instead, obese people in the study who lost 5% to 10% of their weight used tried and true methods: eating less fat, exercising more, joining commercial weight loss programs or, less often, using prescription diet medications. The study did not look at how long participants maintained their weight loss.

EKG debate: An electrocardiogram, or EKG — a heart test that is part of many routine physicals — does a good job of predicting heart attacks and other heart problems in people over age 70, a new study suggests. However, several expert groups do not now recommend the test for routine use in healthy adults. That’s because worrisome results on an EKG can lead to more tests and medications — and those sometimes do more harm than good.

Cancer screening: Using CT scans to screen middle-aged smokers for lung cancer would cost insurers about $19,000 for every life saved — making the test at least as cost effective as those for breast, colorectal and cervical cancer, a study concludes. The test is not yet recommended by expert groups. Meanwhile, the most influential expert group — the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force — has repeated its opposition to routine screening tests for ovarian cancer because studies show they lead to unneeded surgeries much more often than they detect cancer.

Cigarette warnings: Just how far can the government go to make cigarette companies warn smokers of health risks? That was the question Tuesday as a federal appeals court mulled a case in which companies are protesting proposed graphic labels that show dead and diseased smokers. One judge asked if the government could require labels that said “Stop! If you buy this product, you are a moron,” or “Smokers are idiots.” That would be “problematic,” and untrue, a government lawyer replied.

Today’s talker: The battle for the most outrageous, unhealthy (and headline-grabbing) fast food continues. Today’s contenders: a hot-dog-stuffed pizza crust from Pizza Hut (in the United Kingdom) and a bacon-topped ice cream sundae from Burger King (apparently being test-marketed in Nashville).

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