Teri Hinman

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logoplaceholderMy personal Life Vessel experience:

Before having a Life Vessel Protocol (4 – 1 hour sessions) I was having severe ongoing headaches, extreme back pain, getting less than two hours of sleep each night, and having nightmares. During my first session I fell asleep within minutes of being secured within the enclosure and only wakened when the technician entered the room. This is very surprising as I am claustrophobic. I checked into my room a couple hours later (3:00 pm or so) and felt very relaxed. I dozed for three or four hours, ate dinner and went back to bed. The next two days I continued to feel very relaxed. I followed the instructions of no alcohol or caffeine, drinking a gallon of water a day and 24 ounces of electrolytes. Four days after the first protocol my headaches stopped completely. The pain in my back, shoulders and neck also stopped completely.

I was on chemo for eight years, stopping medication when my body could no longer tolerate it. I have been on Tamoxifen, Aromasin and Arimidex. Side effects were that I gained 50 pounds, hypertension, became diabetic, had fatty liver, memory loss and loss of brain skills such as addition and subtraction, sense of direction, could no longer spell a lot of simple words, saying the wrong words when speaking, nor could I count back change. I would actually loose segments of time as if I had amnesia. I stopped the chemo August 1, 2014.

Within six months of having two protocols of the Life Vessel in June of 2015 my liver tests are now normal, I am no longer diabetic. The headaches and pain started returning in 5 months after treatment but the nightmares have still not returned. I have also lost 20 pounds since the treatment and am still losing weight. My vocabulary and spelling has improved and I am thinking more clearly since I have stopped taking the chemo. I believe that the sessions in the Life Vessel have also helped.

If there were on within a couple hundred miles I would definitely drive to a Life Vessel facility for more treatments. I plan on taking my Granddaughters as they have food and skin allergies and I think it would greatly improve their everyday life. Unfortunately the closest facility to them is over 500 miles away.

Teri H.