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abbiesageAbbie S. My daughters, ages 18 and 16, visited the Life Vessel for four treatments each. The 18 year old has extreme allergies. After her treatment of four Life Vessel sessions, she didn’t need her allergy medicine for an extended time period. I was amazed!

My other daughter, the 16 year old, has been on ADD medicine since she was eight years old. After her treatment, she decided to begin her junior year, a challenging year, without taking her ADD medicine. It is now April and she is still holding her own, not needing to take her medicine. Her grades are mostly A’s and B’s even in her AP course and her ability to focus was greatly enhanced following her Life Vessel sessions.

In my profession as an elementary teacher, I also witnessed positive results in one of my students. The student visited the Life Vessel for her asthma, a condition that even in class, often kept her coughing and occasionally seemed as though she could not catch her breath. When she returned from her Life Vessel treatment, she was no longer coughing and to this day has not had an “asthma attack” at school. Again, it was amazing.

~Jennifer Sullivan
(Abbie and Sage’s Mom)