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lacie“My experience with the Life Vessel has been life changing for my family.”

My five-year-old daughter who has an underlying asthma condition has been put on Prednisone almost every other month because of her coughing fits. These coughing fits are so severe, they always result in her throwing up and dry heaving for hours at a time. Although she was put on Singulair and has an albuterol inhaler, nothing would help her except the Prednisone.

One month, in the midst of having this asthma, we started our first Life Vessel sessions before starting her Prednisone. She did the four sessions in four days and did not have to use Prednisone. This is the first time something besides Prednisone had stopped this nasty cough cycle. Since then, she has done two more months of Life Vessel sessions and to this day has not been put back on that ugly steroid.

As an added benefit, I recognized two other great changes in my daughter after her Life Vessel sessions. The first one, she had a wart virus. Anytime she got a scrape, she got tiny little warts around that area. She also had a few larger warts that had been removed several times from the doctor, which always grew back. After her sessions, one day we realized the warts were gone.

The last thing we noticed was her sleeping patterns. This child has been a terrible sleeper since six months old. She wakes up in the middle of the night and will toss and turn for hours – wide awake! She doesn’t talk or want to play, she just can’t sleep. This happens several times a week and as an adult you know how frustrating this can be, imagine a child! Since the Life Vessel, she has not had one of these episodes. What a difference sleep makes, for both of us!!

I want to thank you for what the Life Vessel has done for my daughter. It has changed her life and I am very grateful for this.

Lacie’s Mom