Deni M.

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deni“I was diagnosed with internal shingles. With each Life Vessel treatment, the pain began to subside.”

Last June I was stricken with a horrible, stabbing, burning pain. The pain was in a band on the left side on my torso and had been misdiagnosed as kidney stones. To make a long and extremely painful story short, after eight months of ER visits, specialists, numerous tests, X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and an unnecessary gall bladder removal, I was finally diagnosed with internal shingles. I truly believed I was going to die. The shingles had a lot of time to do tremendous nerve damage over the eight months, leaving me with terrible post-herpetic neuralgia. At 43 years old I was taking 28 tablets or capsules of medicine a day to deal with all of the pain and health issues caused by the pain. I am a wife, mother, and first grade teacher. I could not continue to live life this way.

My grandmother had called me from California to tell me about a laser treatment she had heard about in Newport Beach. Skeptic that I am, I began to research laser treatment for shingles on the internet and found a lot of information to support the benefits. I decided to give it a try, and flew down from Alaska to California. I received laser treatments for a month at the Life Vessel Advanced Wellness Center. With each treatment the pain began to subside. When I spoke about the stresses that may have lead to my shingles, it was felt that I would benefit from Life Vessel treatments. I was ready to try anything.

I really believe that it was the combination of the two different kinds of treatments that allowed my body to start healing itself. I am not completely pain free, but I am only taking two medications a day now. I was able to clean my house for the first time in a year. I even felt good enough to take my daughter to Knott’s Berry Farm at the end of my month of treatments.

I am so thankful to have found out about the Life Vessel. It has made all the difference in my healing process. I know I am going to be okay and be able to lead a normal pain-free life again.

Deni M.