Cori Armstrong

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CoryIn February of 2014, I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. I had my thyroid surgically removed followed by elective radioactive iodine treatments in April. I was told it would take at least a year to adjust to my medications and that I would experience feelings of lethargy, no motivation and emotional – ups and downs. I had no idea how tired and unmotivated I was going to be and was instructed to be patient during my recovery process.

A friend introduced me to the Life Vessel. I was skeptical at first.

After my very first session, I was energized and motivated. After two I was amazed at how balanced I felt again, and how I had returned to somewhat of a normal state. The Life Vessel was so beneficial because it allowed me to gain the energy back that I had lost through my procedure. I am thankful for the Life Vessel and look forward to each and every session.

I work, I exercise and I am the mother of two active boys. The Life Vessel has brought vitality back into my life.

Cori Armstrong