Carol K.

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logoplaceholderI originally decided to try the Life Vessel to help with my mold allergy, which was causing chronic congestion in my sinuses and lungs.

I experienced improvement immediately. I started using the Life Vessel in May of 2013. Since then, I’ve had a total of 30 sessions; half at the Santa Barbara Life Vessel and half at the San Juan Capistrano Life Vessel.

Regular use of the Life Vessel helps keep me free from chronic congestion due to my mold allergy. But I also discovered many other benefits from the Life Vessel as well. The Life Vessel is an advanced form of quantum medicine, using frequencies of light, sound, and vibration to re-align the energy field and assists on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

For me, I find it to work in a couple related ways:

– It enhances overall health and revitalizes all the cells of the body
– It balances and aligns the human energy field

Initially, the Life Vessel helped my body detox. Once that phase was over, a deeper healing started to occur in my energy bodies. And that has supported a greater spiritual awakening for me as well.

Carol K.