Carol F.

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carolf“After my first treatment, much to my surprise, I was able to speak enough to be heard for the first time in seven months.”

Without any prior symptoms, I awoke one morning with no voice. After six months of numerous appointments and being misdiagnosed with primary care doctors and specialists, I was informed that I had thyroid cancer. I was told my only option was surgery and it was recommended to be completed “as soon as possible.”

My Life Vessel journey began just a week before my impending surgery. After completing my first treatment in the Life Vessel, I was asked to explain my experience. Much to my surprise, I was able to speak loud enough to be heard for the first time in seven months.

After the completion of my series of four Life Vessel treatments, I was no longer exhausted like I had been for months and I began sleeping better than I had in twenty years. The chronic back, leg and ankle pain I had endured for more than twenty-five years as a result of a broken leg from a skiing accident, had also subsided considerably. I no longer require the weekly to bi-weekly visits to my chiropractor. My energy level improved so much that I am having a wonderful time keeping up with my eight grandkids.

My Life Vessel journey will continue until the cancer is gone. In the meantime, the “side effects” are great – sleeping better, more energy, clearer thinking, almost no back, ankle or knee pain, and a much happier outlook on my future.