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billy-2“Billy almost immediately started using his words and new ones.”

We are so excited to share the amazing changes since his Life Vessel treatments two weeks ago. Billy almost immediately started using his words and new ones. He is engaging everyone around him and I mean everyone including strangers, other children and animals.

We all saw the difference after two treatments just when he walked into the center. He was able to sit and relax. Who knew that would be possible?

We attended a barbecue this past Saturday with 45 other folks. As people came into the court yard Billy yelled to get their attention. He has severe apraxia so his “Hi there” is a true victory. I did notice that he was prone to make sure those carrying food dishes received louder salutations…he is such a character. He also used my friend Dawn’s name to get her attention because after I told him she was getting his food for him, he went into the pool and initiated play with children…laughing and splashing plus stealing toys. We relish the “naughty” behaviors as much.

Billy’s receptive language is just awesome, he is playing with people he has never played with and everyone who has interacted with us prior to the Life Vessel has commented on his new interest in them. His appetite has improved, he is sleeping better and his skin has improved. He is understanding two and three step requests like “pick up your bowl and bring it to me so you can fill up with your chips ”

We are so happy to see Billy jumping, playing and feeling better so quickly. We are excited to see what the future treatments will unlock for us as well as unfold mysteries of this ridiculous disorder. I pray that other families will find this help quickly for their kiddo’s as well. Thank you for bringing this to our community!

Kristi M.

Billy’s Mom