Billy M.

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billy“Billy feels better, is calmer and happy.”

Our son Billy is living with Autism. He has been able to do multiple Life Vessel treatments over the past five years with cognitive gains after each session.

With Autism there comes several other health issues making it difficult for him to detox naturally. We use the Life Vessel treatments to help with Billy’s immune system, calm his nervous system and detox safely.

Last year testing showed high levels of lead in his blood. I wanted to share the most recent results from our Life Vessel treatment in April we received 30 days after the treatment from diagnostic testing. ALL of his toxin levels have been reduced to normal range, a significant reduction in bacteria and brain chemistry working at optimal level as well as nutrition.

The test confirms what we already know from visible results after treatment. Billy feels better, is calmer and happy.

Life Vessel is a safe, natural way to promote general health and re-build the immune system but it also brings relief at an emotional level that cannot be measured on a test. I highly recommend it for anyone and believe it to be a cornerstone in our son’s overall health and well-being.

We will continue to use this treatment to fortify Billy’s treatment program.

Kristi M.
-Billy’s Mom