Sometimes we all do things we know we shouldn’t, and these things cause us stress. (Other times, we are the unknowing architects of our own stress, but the results are the same.) What are some common ways people contribute to their own stress, and what can be done to promote stress relief instead? Read on for ideas you can use this week!

  • Stress and Self Sabotage: 5 Things To Avoid
    What are some of the more popular ways people cause themselves (and those around them) stress? Here are 5 of the more popular stress traps. Do any of them sound familiar? Find out what you can do to avoid or manage each one.
  • One Thing That Makes Everything More Stressful
    Here’s a sixth stress trap that many of us fall into–in fact, this one may be my own biggest challenge! Not getting enough sleep can make your whole day feel more stressful. Read about my own experiences in this area, and see what you can do to safeguard your stress levels by getting enough quality sleep.
  • Do You Sabotage Yourself? How?
    What might you be doing to create stress in your life? And what’s the secret to using your mistakes to learn and grow? Read more about self-sabotage, personal growth, and stress.
  • Discuss It On Facebook
    Have you ever found yourself dealing with a stressful issue, and then encountering the exact helpful resource you needed that day, just by chance? If you’re dealing with tolerations, or with any other issues that relate to stress, I invite you to join the Facebook Page About Stress Management. You’ll find inspirational quotes, insightful comments, and relevant resources on a near-daily basis that may be just what you need to hear on a given day. We’d love to see you there!

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