images-4-1by Stefano Valle

The wellness focus for the month of October is centered around emotions and gaining control of them. Feelings and emotions can be tricky, as there are so many variations that we experience throughout even a given day. This month is a time to focus on experiencing more positive emotions and avoiding unnecessary stress and choas that results in negative emotions. Its also a time to learn to become more aware of the emotions you experience and what triggers them, so you can consistently keep them in check. Optimal emotional wellness is sound mental health, resilience, a positive attitude, good self-esteem, and a strong self-image. Take advantage of the next couple weeks to concentrate on this dimension of wellness and by November, you’ll be meeting your emotional needs more constructively.

The first step in increasing emotional wellness is to assess your current state. This is beneficial to see where you need to start now, and to see how far you’ve come later. Take this assessment to see where you rate on the emotional wellness scale.

Now, here are a few to-do’s that will increase your emotional wellness throughout the following weeks:

~Be conscious of not jumping to conclusions or assuming the worst. Most of the time, our worries are greater than the problem itself.

~Step away from unnecessary drama. Its not healthy to consume yourself with problems that don’t concern you, or random complicated chaos. Keep things simple.

~Surround yourself with positive people. Joy really is contagious, as is pessimism.

~Tackle the avoidable stress in your life. Learn time management, relaxation techniques, and eliminate schedule overload.

~Talk with others, and listen to others. Emotions that are pent up inside only result in unhealthy outbursts, and you may learn something from listening to others, as well as help them out.

~Seek out therapy, books, wellness forums, or support groups that will aid in your specific emotional struggle.

~Laugh and smile- everyday. Read the funnies, watch a comical movie, giggle with a friend, smile at a photo. Whatever it is, seek out what tickles you.

Once emotional wellness has improved, you will notice a brighter disposition. You will also feel as if you can manage and express your emotions more effectively, as well as accept the emotions others express. Personal choices will become less impulsive, relationships will improve, and you will be up for more of life’s risks and challenges.

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