Your morning health roundup:

Exercise and breast cancer: Any amount of exercise can lower a woman’s risk of breast cancer, but it appears to take quite a bit — at least two hours a day for five days a week — to get the maximum benefit, a drop of about 30%, the latest research suggests. The good news: the exercise doesn’t have to be intense (it can include walking and running, but also housework and gardening) and it seems to help even if women are past menopause.

Weight-loss surgery and diabetes: About one fifth of patients who recover from diabetes after weight loss surgery become diabetic again within three to five years, a preliminary study shows. The risk appears highest for people who have diabetes for five years or more before the surgery.

Abortion in Mississippi: Mississippi may become the first state with no abortion clinics after a new law takes effect July 1. The law requires abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at a hospital and, so far, no doctor at the state’s sole clinic has been granted that access.

Today’s talker: Some people claim they don’t go to gyms because they are intimidated by all the super-fit, skinny people there. But would they really show up if the skinny people disappeared? Gym owners in several cities hope so. In the most extreme example, one Canadian facility has banned thin people. Most other plus-size gyms will let skinny people in, but cater to the overweight, letting them know there’s a place “to get fit without feeling like they’re being stared at or criticized,” one owner tells the Daily News. “My whole life, I have always wished there was a place for other big people. So I created one.”

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