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Eat These Foods for a Healthy Immune System

By Shereen Lehman, MS

Nutrients for Your Immune System  
Your immune system helps protect you from various infections, such as colds and influenza, as well as allergies and cancers. To function properly, your immune system requires several nutrients, including protein, vitamins A, C, and E, plus the minerals zinc and iron. Probiotics, which are friendly bacteria found Read more

5 Meditation Techniques to Get You Started

Benefits extend beyond a calmer state of mind
By Elizabeth Scott, MS

Meditation is widely recommended as a healthy way to manage stress, and for good reason. It provides many health-enhancing benefits, like reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety, relieving physical complaints like headaches, and even enhancing immunity to illness. If you read more on the health benefits of meditation, Read more

Happy New Year!

10 World Renowned Meditation Tech Experts Share What’s Next In 2017



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Stress Doesn’t Stay in Your Head

By Dr. Mercola

Anxiety over a project at work… a marital spat… financial trouble… health problems… the list of potential stressors is endless, but wherever your stress is coming from, it likely starts in your head.

An inkling of worry might soon grow into an avalanche of anxiety. It might keep you up at night, your mind racing with potential Read more

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The Radiant Health Show Featuring the Life Vessel with Dr. Horner

Todd Strane was a featured guest on the Radiant Health Show with Dr. Christine Horner.  Please click on the following links to hear Part 1 and Part 2 of this incredible interview.

The Radiant Health Show, Part 1

The Radiant Health Show, Part 2