Robert Platner, M.D. is the most amazing, innovative, credentialed doctor I have ever met. He is a licensed naturopathic physician, as well as a medical doctor with a specialty in hematology. He also has two PhDs in the field of science. On top of that, Rob has fascinating and diverse personal interests. He and his wife Paula, a good friend of mine, own a ranch in Tulsa where they breed prize rodeo bulls and quarter horses, as well as York- shire terriers. And in his free time, he tours with his rock band! (In fact, music is in his blood, as he was a member of a very popular 1970s rock band.) Overall, Rob is one of the nicest people I know, and I consider him a very dear friend.

Rob works with some of the most unbelievable, innovative therapies in the world, and I am so excited to share some information with you about one such treatment modality called the Life Vessel.

What Is the Life Vessel?

The Life Vessel does not cure or heal diseases. What it does do is support the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Everyone possesses the inherent ability to create excellent, vibrant health and well being, and the Life Vessel simply helps to stimulate this ability.

The Life Vessel is a large, enclosed unit in which the clients lay down for a session that combines light, sound, vibration, and frequency to assist their body’s own natural healing abilities. It greatly accelerates the body’s healing through detoxification, removal of stress, and the rebalancing of the autonomic nervous system, which regulates every unconscious function within your body and is vitally important for a balanced and properly functioning immune system.

Developed in 1998, the Life Vessel uses patented technology that is safe and noninvasive. The Life Vessel has gone through nine years of evaluation and testing to substantiate its effectiveness.

Dr. Valerie Donaldson was the first medical doctor to open a Life Vessel center. She initially contacted me more than five years ago to share with me the exciting results she had witnessed in her patients who used the Life Vessel. To this day, the research findings continue to be extremely positive. She currently has ongoing clinical studies involving heavy metal detoxification and anti-aging effects in patients who are using the Life Vessel.

Wide-Ranging Impact

The Life Vessel has helped thousands of people with a wide range of health conditions by assisting their bodies in coming into balance. This therapy helps to increase the body’s healing capabilities to bring about very positive results with conditions as varied as autoimmune issues; cancer; multiple sclerosis; Parkinson’s disease; chronic fatigue; arthritis; neurological disorders; diabetes; asthma; migraines; shingles; scleroderma; chronic viral, bacterial, and fungal diseases; and numerous other physical and emotional health problems.

The Life Vessel experience is incredibly relaxing and enjoyable. A typical protocol consists of four sessions in the Life Vessel over a three-day period. Each session takes approximately one hour. During this time, you are exposed to colored light therapy blended simultaneously with sound and vibrational frequencies that envelope your entire body. Most people prefer to deeply relax or even nap while in the Life Vessel.

Real Results for Real Problems

Numerous testimonials from all over the country describe how the Life Vessel has assisted clients with real and very serious problems.

One client, Linda, came in hoping to find a way to slow her ataxia, a condition that affects the parts of the nervous system that control movement, balance, and speech. Over the course of four years, she had steadily lost her motor skills, her handwriting became illegible, and balance and walking were a major problem. She was even considering retiring from her job of 25 years because she could no longer function. In October 2006, she began undergoing

Life Vessel sessions every four to seven weeks and, since then, every marker of her ataxia has been reversed significantly. Now, the possibility of retirement due to her illness is just a fading memory.

Other clients have had success in putting an end to all types of pain, including chronic back pain. One client in particular, Ron, had constant debilitating pain in his back, which prevented him from functioning throughout the day, and even affected his quality of sleep. After one session, the pain decreased slightly and after the fourth session of the protocol, the pain totally disappeared. Ron reports that his back pain has not returned at all in the last 10 months.

Another client, Terry, developed severe gastro-intestinal problems as a result of taking antibiotics and prednisone for 25 years for his sinus problems and asthma. In 2002, he had gallbladder surgery, which resulted in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). He no longer had control of his bowels and became homebound. For four years, he sought treatment from various hospitals and clinics and countless doctors—to the tune of $15,000. Nothing worked. But eight months ago, after several sessions in the Life Vessel, Terry’s IBS has disappeared, his energy levels are back, and he no longer has to stay close to home.

Even my friend Rob Platner, M.D., who is the current medical consultant working with the Life Vessel group, had an amazing experience. He says, “Shortly after the center opened in August 2006, I was given a 20-minute session in the Life Vessel as a demonstration. Two remarkable things happened for me, which I found a bit overwhelming. In 1969, I was in an auto accident and had severe head injuries. For 37 years, the air passage from my left nostril had been completely closed.  I was totally unable to breathe through it. During that 20-minute session, I heard and felt a ‘pop’ in my left nostril combined with a pain behind my eye, which quickly went away. Since that time, that air passage has been completely open and now I can inhale and exhale fully through both nostrils.

“Second, while mowing the lawn three days later, I began to sweat what I would characterize as ammonia-like fumes. They were so bad that I had to leave the shower door open for ventilation and my wife and dogs would not come near me for two days. I had heard other clients comment on their powerful detox experiences, but this really surprised me. There is absolutely no question in my mind that it was all of the anesthetics I received during a 14-hour operation two years ago.”

To Learn More

I’ve written many, many times about the healing power of colored light therapy, sound therapy, and frequency medicine. What I love about the Life Vessel is that it combines these wonderful therapies into one tool for triple the healing power. And the results speak for themselves!